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How to Send Messages on Sarahah: Are all of your friends sharing their Sarahah profile links on different social networking sites? Well, of course they would be! You can use those profile URLs to send them the “secret” messages. Wondering why did we say “Secret” messages? We said so because the app lets you post anonymously, so the people whom you send the messages will never know who posted it for them. Meanwhile, Sarahah Messaging App Trending Eveywhere in Google Play Store, iTunes Store and Also Trending in Popular Social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. This App is Freely Available for Download in App stores. If You want More about Sarahah then Details are Given below.


How to send messages on Sarahah App in a secret way:

  1. Open Sarahah App in android smartphone or iPhone.
  2. Login into your account by entering your username or email and password. If you are not a registered user, register into the app by entering your details like email ID, name, photo etc.
  3. Open your profile after logging in.
  4. Click on the “Search icon” at the bottom if the screen.
  5. You can see a search bar where “Search for users” is written. Type the username of the person whom you want to send the messages. The drop down list will appear with a list of similar usernames. Select the person, you can look at the profile picture for identification. If you want to search specifically, then enter the person’s profile URL. Every person is assigned a unique username and profile link. So, you can just enter the profile URL and select the person.


  1. When you select the person, a new screen will open up. The person’s profile picture and name would be visible at the top. Below it, there will be written “Leave a constructive message J”. Below it is a box given to enter the message. Write the message you want to send. Do not worry about the disclosure of the name as it will be posted anonymously.



  1. Click on the “Send” button.
  2. Your message will be successfully posted to the respective person. A pop up message will appear saying “Successfully sent”.

If you want to check the sent or received messages or the messages that you marked at favorites, follow the steps below:

How to Check Sent or Received Messages:

  1. Open Sarahah App or open in your browser.
  2. Login into your account.
  3. When your profile is opened, click on the “Message icon” at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. When you tap on it, you will see three options- received messages, favorite messages and sent messages.


  1. You can now select whichever type of messages you want to check.

[VIDEO] Sarahah App Features And How To Use | How To Send Anonymous Message On Sarahah

This app is trending and going viral all over internet these days. This video will tell you what is Sarahah app and how you can use this app for sending constructive message or feedback to any person, business, organization or employee.

Just follow the above steps to send or check messages you received. Sarahah is a great app. Have fun using it!

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